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The Powerhouse Marketing Tool for 2023 is Video

Trying to increase your engagement on your website or social media? Video is probably your best tactic. Let’s take a look at this marketing tool and how you can get started.

If you own your own business you’ve probably noticed sales videos on every social platform. This is because marketing research has proven that videos work to convert viewers into buyers, no matter what business you are in.

Why does video work SO well to engage and convert clients?

Consider when you are ready to buy. Let’s say you need a new pair of hiking shoes, or you are thinking about a vacation. Virtually as soon as you dream about these things (it seems) the internet algorithms go to work tracking you and feeding you what you “want” to see and buy.

You begin seeing video ads for shoes and vacations and they are more and more exactly what you want. So, you click an ad to check out the offer. Then you’re right into their sales funnel and before you know it, you have an amazon box at your door or you’re buying plane tickets.

Videos provide a ton of information to a buyer in a short amount of time. A good ad video can be the vital link to make a consumer into a life-long customer. As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Video can be a perfect way to create an awesome first impression.

An Astonishing Fact

The science behind video marketing is interesting. Consider the fact that 90 percent of information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Because of this, human beings process visual information 60,000-times faster than text. That means at a split-second glance of a video or images, the brain consumes more information than an entire book of text. I’m not making this up, its science.

Since our brains favor visual information, videos immediately engage your viewer, inviting them in to experience your brand in a more intimate, familiar way. Let’s say you are a veterinarian or dentist. As soon as a potential patient views a video, which shows a doctor in action, they immediately begin to relate to that doctor and already start seeing themselves or their pets in their offices. If a doctor is talking about the treatment processes or specialties they offer, then all the better to “close” the sale.

Websites with video are FAR more likely to engage people and convert them into patients or customers.

Video is Good for Your SEO (Search power on Google)

Google and other search engines are paying attention to how people are looking for products and services. And if people are looking at your website, then these search engines are noting how long they stay around, which pages they are looking at, what those pages are about, and 100s or even 1000s of other factors which tell almighty Google that you are “popular” and should be ranked at the top.

You can probably see why websites with video, which keep visitors interested and around for much longer, are good for your “SEO”.  Videos can signal to Google’s algorithms that your website is engaging and well put together.

Videos Inspire Trust

Videos on your social media or website build trust with potential patients or clients. In addition to moving a viewer to become a paying customer, the ability to create positive relationships is an important benefit of adding video to your marketing mix. Videos help a person to “meet you” before coming in.

Viewers of your videos can get a sense of you and your staff’s personality and demeanor. They will feel like they’ve already engaged with you and your products and services. They will already “know you” and have gathered useful information that will help when they come for treatment, help or to buy your products.

Also, consider that many older generation clients are still uncomfortable with the internet, but with video, they can quickly watch and listen and relate to the more human aspects of your business.

Video is Mobile-Friendly

For the busy consumer on the go, nothing is as easy and fast as watching a video on a smartphone. The mobile video market has exploded over the last couple of years. And if your video is short and easy to share with friends, all the better. Word of mouth gets easy with video and the digital age we live in.

Educate with Videowalker kreative_video training

Videos can help explain complex concepts and procedures in an accessible, transparent way that helps viewers to connect. This can be invaluable, especially in the healthcare industry, as many people are dealing with anxiety and stress over their condition or a pet’s condition.

And it isn’t just medical practices. Any business owner can benefit from educating their audiences on their services and products using video. Walker Kreative can produce videos for you and/or train you and your staff on how to create simple videos using even your phone that can be shared on YouTube and other social channels.

Video: A Solution for Information Overload

Our lives are busier than ever. Most feel they are drowning in an overwhelming amount of information. The last thing someone wants to do is read a bunch of website text on why they need your services (even if they really do need them). Video is your solution. In fact, it can act as the perfect tool to deliver just enough content in an entertaining and educational way. Video is fast and efficient, and people will appreciate the convenience.

How to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Potential consumers are captivated by entertaining content that is educational and addresses their needs and lifestyles. Anything that drives more users to your website from your social pages, and people’s social feeds is important for your business. By creating useful, entertaining and educational videos about your company and its services you’ll get people checking out your website for more information.

How to Get Started with Video

You may want to get started in your practice or office with video yourself, before hiring a professional video team. Here are some tips for you to get started and links to equipment that will help. You may have some things already, such as a camera, or even just your mobile phone. I hope this helps:

  1. Pick a space in your office for videos. This may be a corner or an office. But make it easy so you can do videos there or even have a client sit down and give you a testimonial that you can then put on your websites, YouTube or other social platform such as Facebook.
  2. Get yourself a camera or just decide to use an office mobile phone. To begin you can use a phone. But once you start doing videos routinely, I recommend this Sony camera for your videos. This one will give you a great image and last you for years to come. The lens it comes with is perfect for office videos or even videos outside on a deck.
  3. I recommend this Tripod with ring light to hold your camera and give you good light for video talks or testimonial interviews. Unless you have great diffused sunlight for your video shoot, you will want extra lighting.
  4. And finally, you will need a microphone – audio is extremely important. If you are using your phone for the interview/video then you can use this wireless lapel mic.
  5. Another option that will work with either a mobile phone or a Sony camera will be this wired lapel microphone. It comes with an extension wire and will plug directly into the side of your camera.

If you’d like to see more on all the TYPES of videos that you could do, check out our video page.

Best of luck creating video and using video in your marketing this year.

We are here to support you.



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