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Our team has been working in the field of marketing for decades. We won’t claim to have done it all… but pretty darn close. The 1990s and 2000s saw a massive transformation from traditional marketing and advertising to today where everything is done digitally. We grew up through all this. We know the craft and its rules, techniques, and tools and we want to help you.

Breaking Though the Noise

As the world grows noisier and more chaotic by the day, you need strong brand presence and marketing to drive awareness, engagement and leads to your business. You must be visible and stay top of the consumer mind. Our value is the in way we create impressions of your brand, as seen on social media, a website or in videos on YouTube that generate the perception of quality and credibility and attracts people to you. These “touches” out there in the local and global marketplace, repeated over and over, reinforce existing client and patient relationships and bring new ones to life.

The Marketing Mix for Success

Marketing is a big piece of business success. There are so many tactics, and all of them play important roles: branding, social media, graphics, responsive website design, video, public relations, content writing, digital advertising and analytics tracking. And that’s a short list. Keeping these all in play can be quite a burden and time consuming. That’s what we’re here for.

At Walker Kreative we take on the marketing hat, relieving owners and doctors of this burden and letting them do their own jobs. Our passion is to help the small business owner, the practitioner, the medium sized company executive take the next growth step.

If your company has an in-house marketing coordinator, fantastic. We work well as a powerful support team to pick up pieces of the marketing mix that are falling by the wayside or would be better handled by an outside agency.

Branding to Win

When you begin with Walker Kreative you will find that developing your brand is our first target—the foundation from which everything else builds. It isn’t always required, especially if you’ve been in business for a while. But it tends to need a little review and refreshing.

Branding done properly will yield years of sustainable growth. This includes a mission statement, motif, and graphic standards including a logo, fonts, colors, image style and layout. These establish the way the world sees you and your company on every digital and traditional platform.

With this foundation in place all the marketing tools, including your website, get built and unleased on your market to drive new people in your doors and calling your phones.

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