Cebron Walker
CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Walker Kreative


Cebron Walker is a Marketing and Public Relations specialist with 30 years’ experience. He is the founder and CEO of Walker Kreative, a digital marketing agency with offices in St. Petersburg, Florida and Sacramento, California. Walker Kreative serves small business owners and healthcare practice owners across North America.

Cebron’s marketing strategies for clients have created:

  • Hundreds of videos
  • Thousands of new patients
  • Tens of thousands of new followers
  • Hundreds of thousands of views
  • Millions of visits & engagements with client websites and social media

His team is driven by the sole purpose of helping owners grow and thrive, no matter the economy. When it comes to building an online brand or developing an SEO optimized website for a healthcare practice, flying car company, florist, attorney or any type of company for that matter, no one does it better. Walker Kreative uses the latest tactics in video marketing, social advertising, organic social media, SEO and content creation to grow new patient numbers and help business grow a powerful brand within their target market.

If a client needs press relations or plans to hold events to build reputation and interest, no problem. Cebron’s early career included working as a PR and press officer generating thousands of PR stories with positive media exposure for clients around the world.

Walker Kreative is NOT a “big box store” marketing company where you have an account rep and a number. We offer what you could consider a “concierge” model. Personalized customer services and fast response times to address a client’s needs have been at the foundation of our success and will always be at the heart of our business.

Cebron, his wife Angela and their children, Matteo and Natalya, live in St. Petersburg, FL. When not working, Cebron is an avid tennis enthusiast and is trying out paddleboarding but mostly spends time in the water trying to get back up on the board.

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