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Are you overwhelmed at times considering how to be successful on social media for your business? Watch this video and I’m going to share some tips to make the work you do effective in as little time as possible.

Some Social Media Statistics to be Aware of

If your business is consumer oriented then you MUST BE active on social media.

I’m not telling you something you haven’t already heard before. But you can’t ignore that your presence on social media tells potential customers that your business or brand is active and focused on being there.

57% of consumers say social media influences their buying plans.

Facebook alone occupies 58 minutes of American’s time EVERY DAY.

44% of those consumers say they will follow a FB business page for a special offer.

More than 25 million companies worldwide are already using Instagram for business because 60% of people say they discover new products there.

63% of consumers who search for businesses online are more interested in engaging with one that is active on social media.

These statistics speak for themselves. A business is not going to compete well in its field without an active social media presence. But I have found many business owners uncertain of what to post on their business’s social profiles. So, let’s look at this.

What should you put on social media?

Social media marketing isn’t just about selling your services or products. Of course with Social media, business owners keep their clients updated about their services and products. But it has so much more value than that. Through social media you are reaching out and making your business known and talked about in the community. It helps to build trust and confidence with your clients and prospects because you are reachable. They can see who you (and possibly your staff) are and experience you through the safe medium of social media.

For example, you can post about a new employee, your company values, team activities. Get testimonials from happy clients and post them. Post upcoming events or events that just happened. Also people love to hear about good news such as a wedding or a new baby. A simple event such as where the boss goes for coffee or takes the staff for lunch can be a post. People from your neighborhood can associate with that. Maybe that is a local hangout for them too or one they might even want to try. The point is, connect to your community.

And then there are updates such as new blog posts or even videos about how to use your product. Those would be amazing updates to your feed. And make sure they link back to your website to create traffic.

Online social networking gives you a chance to get and keep the conversation going about what you do and how you can help your customers.

What Not to Post

It’s not very valuable to flood your feed with useless stock photo updates. Most people know what those look like and they usually come from agencies, not the business.

It’s more effective to post relevant content every day or two or a couple times a week. Try to put pictures and information from your office that will interest your customer.

Another good rule of thumb – pick a customer, say, that lady who came in last week – and consider what might interest her – just her. And make a post for her. Chances are you have a lot more followers just like her that will be interested in that post.

Build Trust and Build Your Business

Presence on social media is now vital to earn customers’ trust. Consider this – you can survive without a physical store but not having a social presence will be scorned at. If you don’t have active presence on social media channels, then you are losing customers.


I would like to leave you with this:  The above are some ideas. And while they are suggestions of what to post and what not to post, the most important thing to remember is POST. Don’t get so hung up on what to post that you don’t get around to posting anything. You can tweak your posts and get better and better at it as you go. You can look at other similar businesses and see what they are posting.

Good luck!