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Your Practice’s online image is everything. In this blog, I’ll give you a quick way to check how you are doing.

Years ago, you of course wanted a great sign and a well-appointed office and that is all you had to worry about. Today things are different. 9 out of 10 People will find you online as their first point of contact. You need a good image on the web.

The internet is the primary source of information for new patients who are researching a healthcare provider. Consider the modern new patient journey: they rely on online resources for information almost two times more than word of mouth. In the “pandemic era” people are searching the internet and reviewing the information about you online long before they decide to call or visit.

You need to be the office with the best website, the great Facebook page and the Google My Business page with lots of positive reviews.

How to Analyze Your Practice’s Online Image

In just a few minutes you can do a simple survey of your online image and rate yourself.

  • Open an “incognito” window.
  • Go to “” and google “___________ (your industry) near me” and see where you come up. Is your competition coming up first?
  • Do you have a Google Search Ad showing you are the local __________ nearby?
  • Click on your website.
    1. Note how fast it loads.
    2. Read over the home page and see if it answers basic questions your new patients would have.
    3. Does it make it simple to see what you are offering?
    4. Does it make it easy to call or get directions?
    5. Do you have a good “About Us” page with pictures of you, your staff and the office that are friendly and welcoming?
  • Click on your Facebook page.
    1. Is it up to date with good posts?
    2. Do you have a good amount of followers/people who like your page?
    3. Are there some good recommendations for your practice?
  • Google your practice by name.
    1. Does your Google My Business pop up on the right side?
    2. Is it current with recent pictures?
    3. Do you have updates about your practice and services?
    4. Do you have lots of good reviews?

Rate the Competition

Now Google your main competitor. Do the same review. How does your image online compare with their image?

It isn’t that you want their image to be terrible – we don’t wish ill will on anyone. But it’s not bad to want your practice to stand out as the online leader in your area. And potential new patients want to be part of the best practice.

6 Ways to Improve Your Online Image and Get More New Patients

To be the new patient’s choice in your area, you need:

  • A great website, contemporary and built with the latest technology so that it loads quickly and displays beautifully on any device.
  • A great Google My Business profile, fully optimized.
  • Google reviews, and a lot of them. And if there are a few bad ones (there are always some of those people), fine, you’ve got tons of positive ones to bury them.
  • A great Facebook page with routine posts, lots of followers and activity.
  • An optimized YouTube channel with professional videos that introduce your practice and your services, as well as educate patients on how to stay healthy.
  • Emails each month that continue to educate patients, keep them informed about the office, its services and any special offers, and share fun local news.

Distinguish Your Practice from the Competition by getting the above in place.

Here’s to your growth!


Cebron Walker

CEO, Walker Kreative

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