Marketing Bootcamp Single Ticket (2022)




Here’s what else you’ll get when you attend—Virtual Marketing Bootcamp is your chance to learn …

  • The Perfect Marketing Formula for Success
  • Harnessing the Internet
  • Building a Powerful Social Media Presence
  • “New” marketing secrets – tricks and tools of the trade to make your life easier.
  • The truth about SEO and how YOU can “SEO” your online presence
  • The foundational basics of business success – a review of fundamentals for growth.
  • Develop and codify your brand statement until it is so clear your staff AND YOUR CUSTOMERS will start to repeat it back to you.
  • How to use VIDEO to dramatically increase customer engagement, purchase and loyalty.
  • Expansion minded people – how to find them and harness their energy to super charge profits and stability.
  • …and much more
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