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Join us for the workshop on August 25th from 11am to 2pm EST (8am to 11am PST), to gain the latest techniques to grow your brand online. You will also learn how to generate leads and convert those leads into sales.

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This is training for the small business owner or marketing manager. This is the perfect 3-hour training for the marketing director of a small to medium-sized company. I’m going to cover what Walker Kreative is doing right now to help our clients across the country. These are the digital marketing tactics that are working in 2023. By attending this workshop you will learn and see examples of marketing that you can immediately put into action in your business, practice or company.

Date, Time and Schedule

Date: Friday, August 25th
Time: 11am to 2pm EST (8am to 11am PST)
Start sessions:  8:00 a.m. PST
Social Media Training session: 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. PST
Video Marketing session: 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. PST
End formal session: 11:00 a.m. PST
Q&A: 11:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. PST

Who is the Workshop for?

This workshop is designed for individuals, owners or team members who need to know sales and digital marketing tools and tactics to implement NOW to build their brand and grow their practice or business.

This workshop will go over best-practices and real-world examples of what is working. Then we will practice so that you can do these actions for yourself or the business you work for.

What to Expect


Once you purchase your ticket or the seats for the office you will receive a confirmation email. Within several days you will receive further information on the workshop and what to prepare. Within a week of the workshop – at the end of November – you will receive a reminder about the date and time and a link to attend. On the day of the workshop you will receive a final reminder and the link once again.


It is advised that you are at your desk or a place where you can work with your laptop and phone and that you have a pad and pens to take plenty of notes and write out your own examples and ideas.


The information, examples and plans are coming directly from successful campaigns. During the workshop we will also want to review your website, videos or social channels – so be prepared to share you links to gain positive feedback and advice for improvement.

You and/or your team will walk away with actionable targets, checklists and plans to improve your digital footprint, your engagement and grow your brand.


Cebron Walker

CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Walker Kreative

Cebron Walker is a Marketing and Public Relations specialist with 30+ years’ experience. He is the Founder and CEO of Walker Kreative, a digital marketing agency with offices in St. Petersburg, Florida and Sacramento, California. Walker Kreative serves practice and business owners across North America.  Cebron’s marketing strategies for clients have created:

  • Hundreds of videos
  • Thousands of new clients and patients
  • Tens of thousands of new followers
  • Hundreds of thousands of views
  • Millions of visits & engagements

His team is driven by the sole purpose to help owners grow and thrive, no matter the economy.

What Clients and Previous Attendees have to say…

Cebron’s workshop has re-energized my motivation

Cebron’s workshop has re-energized my motivation to spend more time on marketing, investigating other marketing options, and creating more video for our YouTube channel.

Dr. Shantila Rexroat, Veterinarian

I learned a lot from Cebron about social media

I learned a lot from Cebron about social media posting and the best ways to go about doing it for the best outcome.

Dr. Stephanie Wallendorff, Veterinarian


We have not been marketing, almost at all, it is now plain from Cebron’s talk that I must change this behavior.

Dr. Duane Snyder, Optometrist

Cebron taught me that there are a lot more ways to advertise

Cebron taught me that there are a lot more ways to advertise than I had thought of. I really want to make our website much better. I want to do a lot more with testimonials.

Brady, Staff, Optometrist Office

I could not be more grateful for their hard work

With the help of Walker Kreative, we have been able to bring in so many new patients via our social media accounts. Walker Kreative has been handling our social media accounts for over 2 years now and with their creative way of advertising, we have really seen a difference in the amount of patients we see. They are always on top of everything giving us the best quality of work. I could not be more grateful for their hard work. Highly recommend!

Dr. Nahid Afshari, Dentist

We had a great experience developing a new website

We had a great experience developing a new website with Walker Kreative. We are also getting excellent social media marketing help from them on a monthly basis. Follow-up has always been thorough.

Dr. “Tripp” Cobb, Orthodontist

Greatly Appreciated

Even after well more that 40 years serving businesses world-wide, I still believe that ‘School Is Always IN For The Lifetime learner!’ …I have to say I enjoy being schooled by industry pros at Walker Kreative! In a disjointed world of expert guruism and business leader wanna-be’s it is refreshing to find a team of experienced marketing professionals who actually walk-the-walk, have integrity and are willing to share their life’s work and experienced insights with the world. – Thank You Rohn & Cebron! You Model Well For All of Us! Greatly Appreciated!

Dean Hankey, Business Leader
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